A Guide to Steel & Aluminum Sheet Metal Grades

Stainless steel metal sheets deposited in stacks.

If you work with metal, you are probably well aware that each type of metal comes in multiple grades that refer to its composition. Bar stock and sheet metals are assigned a set of identifying digits. These numbers reveal the metal’s alloying elements and family.   Two projects may call for carbon steel, but one uses […]

The Metal Fabrication Process: Steps for Your Next Project

Technician works on project.

Metals are manipulated to create components we rely on every day. Different processes transform billets and sheets of metal into their desired shapes. Our cars, laptops, cell phones, and kitchen appliances exist because of the metal fabrication process.  Metal fabrication encompasses every step needed to create a final component part or product. Before you start […]

A Guide to Laser Cutting & Its Advantages

Laser cut materials lay on a table

Cutting is essential to the metal fabrication process. It’s the first step in any project that’s ready to start production. Depending on what you need to accomplish, cutting components could be achieved by a punch press or automated saw. However, laser cutting machines can do the job efficiently and accurately when you need a precise […]

All About LED Lights in an Industrial Setting

A colorful abstract image representing LED lighting

LED lighting is so efficient compared to the more common forms of lighting and it lends itself to so many applications that it is leaving older and more traditional forms of lighting in the dark.

Would You Like Fries With That?

A hamburger and french fries in a basket

“How do metal manufactures add EXTRA VALUE to the equation as well?” I’ll tell you how Metaltech Products, Inc. does it.