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Assembly, Inspection & More

We want to give you the best product possible. That’s why we offer assembly, inspection and delivery services in addition to fabrication. If assembly is required, we will build out the necessary components before we deliver the products to you or your customer.

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Pre-Assembling Your Products

When you receive your products from Metaltech, all you have to do is install the final parts or send them out to your customer. We outfit parts with, for example, circuit boards, breakers and cabling, to meet your specifications.

We can assemble panels, prepare the exterior of the product, install and test hydraulics and plumbing, and much more so the product is ready to go when you receive it. Then, we organize and pack your products for delivery.

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Quality Inspections At Any Stage of Manufacturing

Metaltech is committed to meeting quality and compliance standards to provide products that meet or exceed customer expectations. We can perform inspections at any phase of the manufacturing process based on your request. 

Our inspections can be as simple or complex as required by the customer. We can inspect every product 100% or by frequency for specifications required by the blueprint or customer-provided standards.

We can inspect for the following and more:  

  • Appearance 
  • Dimensions
  • Unit Count
  • Pressure & Leak Testing
  • Torque Specifications
  • Coating Adhesion
  • Coating Thickness

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Transporting Your Finished Products

Our delivery trucks can bring your products to you depending on your location. We deliver to customers within 300 miles of our Lebanon, Missouri facility. For those outside of our delivery region, we utilize LTL carriers and drop shipping to transport products.

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