CNC and manual machining in operation

CNC Machining Services & Manual Machining Centers

At Metaltech, we use a variety of precision CNC machining centers and manual machining centers to produce a detail tolerance machined component. We give your billet stock or sheet metal component parts their final shape through CNC machining and manual machining.

Our skilled operators and machinists use both manual and computer numerical control machines to turn designs into finished 3-D precision parts. We are well-equipped to perform milling, turning and drilling tasks.

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Achieve Precision Machined Parts

We have the milling capacity to get the job done. Our 20+ years of experience ensures that we will use the right tool for the job to meet your needs. From drilling and reaming to profile and face milling, we are able to efficiently cut with high precision and accuracy.

Whether your need is to cut shallow surfaces or deep pocket cavities, our machinists have experience working with a diverse range of materials to produce component parts to your desired specification.

Precision machined carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze or titanium parts are only a phone call away.

While we primarily use our CNC vertical milling centers for medium production runs, we often use our manual mills for basic operations or prototypes during the product development stage. This flexibility allows us to provide simple, small or one-off projects with a faster turnaround time than a CNC-only shop.

Our maximum mill dimensions are: 

  • Width: 510 mm or 20 inches
  • Length: 1300 mm or 51 inches
  • Height: 570 mm or 22 inches
CNC and manual machining heating and in operation

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cylindrical part of the cnc and manual machining

Produce Turned & Cylindrical Parts

Producing a turned part? Need to follow an intricate, cylindrical profile design? Metaltech’s CNC lathe is up to the task.

Our CNC lathe can repeatably remove material around the circumference of a workpiece. It does so in an efficient manner that would be difficult to achieve consistently with a manual mill. This repeatability allows us to get your component parts to an exact diameter time after time.

Roughing, boring, grooving, threading and parting can be completed easily using our extensive tools library.

The perfect complement to our CNC lathe is our time-saving, automated bar feeder. Our bar feed attachment affords us the ability to produce multi-piece runs with high productivity using bulk billet bar stock.

Our maximum feeder dimensions are:

  • Diameter: 2 inches
  • Length: 42 inches
  • Push out length: 65 inches 

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