robotic welder in use

Welding Fabrication

Our welding fabrication capabilities can complete your custom parts to your individual needs and specifications. Through arc welding and spot welding, we fuse workpieces together at this stage of the metal fabrication process. Our robotic welding machines emphasize efficiency, speed, and safety. All of our metal welding operators are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS).

AWS Certified Robotic Welding

Consistent & Controlled Welds

When repetition and speed are the name of the game, we call upon our flexible robotic MIG welding capabilities. Even though a machine performs the weld, you can rest assured that our AWS certified operators control and monitor its performance. Your welding fabrication project will never be left to chance. We’ll ensure your design is executed perfectly. 

Robotic welding keeps our operators safe while completing projects with speed and accuracy. If extreme consistency is your focus, we can provide an identical, controlled weld on every part with robotic welding.

We can weld materials up to the maximum dimensions of 4′ x 8′ using robotic welding.

robotic welder in use on controlled weld


man wearing protective face shield completing an industrial strength weld

Industrial-Strength Welds

Need a weld that can withstand extreme force? MIG welding, or metal inert gas welding, produces strong, industrial welds, while giving operators more control over the welding speed and penetration. Our AWS certified MIG welders can fuse metals for vehicle components, boat parts, construction materials and more.

TIG Welding

Aesthetic & Speciality Welds

Are you using specialty materials in your custom welding project? We can produce precise welds on tubing, vehicle components, frames and more. TIG welding is perfect for making clean welds with thin materials, like aluminum, and unique metals, such as titanium and certain steel alloys. Where extra precision or aesthetics are required, TIG welding is the way to go, and Metaltech’s experts are the best people for the job.

man performing a tig weld

Resistance Spot Weld

high speed weld

Economical High-Speed Welds

Spot welding is common for automotive, furniture and appliance components. The process can be used to fusion weld lighter gauge metals. Using resistance spot welding, we attach nuts, studs and other fasteners to your custom products for easier assembly.

We can spot weld materials up to ⅜” thick.

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