Design & Product Development

Metaltech offers design and product development services along with our other metal fabrication capabilities and services. If you want to create a new product or tweak the design of an existing one, we can help you transform your ideas into a manufacturable design, blueprint, model or prototype. Metaltech will help bring your custom metal parts to life.


Create A Manufacturable Design

Are you creating a new product? Do you want to perfect an existing design? If you need design assistance and don’t know where to start, our experienced metal fabrication and design engineers are here to help develop your idea or sketch. We’ll turn your idea into a blueprint into a prototype and into a real-life product. We listen to your goals and offer our manufacturing expertise to develop a design that’s ready for production.

man working on laptop and computer screens on metal design work

Product Development

man stands at desk with a laptop testing a metal work product

Test & Enhance Your Products

In addition to helping design your new product or perfect your existing design, Metaltech ensures that your design works. Creating a prototype helps you test your invention and make necessary design changes before mass production. We create prototypes based on your design concept so you can test for fit, form and function with a physical part or an electronic simulation.

Our creative, degreed engineers will troubleshoot problems and come up with solutions to enhance an existing product or refine a new invention. Metaltech is dedicated to helping develop your custom metal parts through every stage of the process.

Get a Quote

Let’s work together to create a great design. Request a quote today describe your idea, and we’ll be in touch to offer advice. We’ll develop an individualized plan for you and deliver the best results..