man wearing gloves operating metal forming machine

Sheet Metal Forming

Most metals are ductile. They will stretch and bend before they break. Once your material is cut to size, it’s time to bring the shape from your blueprint to life. We take flat pieces of metal and bend them into recognizable, functional shapes.

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Fold Metal into the Right Shapes

Shape. Bend. Fold. Our press brakes manipulate flat blanks and transform them into your component part based on the specified angles. A press brake bends sheet metal, using tons of force, to shape the end part. We can bend sheet metal at almost any angle with a variety of die and punches. When your blueprint combines with our custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

A Metaltech employee operates a press break in the fabrication shop
TruBlend 5130 metal forming and press brake machine

Meet Our Press Brakes

Our facility houses four press brakes that allow us to offer a wide range of sheet metal forming capabilities. While all of our press brakes help us complete projects, two of them deserve a special mention.

First, our high-speed electric press brake allows us to work with more accuracy and efficiency. It’s faster and includes added safety features, making it almost impossible for our operators to obtain an injury.

Our newest and largest press brake includes CNC lifting for heavy materials. It not only increases productivity but also keeps our employees safe. Instead of requiring multiple operators, this press brake does all the heavy lifting. 

Maximum dimensions:

  • Bed width: 10 feet
  • Weight: 150 tons

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