8 Essentials – Metal Fabrication Orders…

Learn about the 8 Essentials to metal fabrication orders.

1). Purchase Order Number

The Purchase Order (PO) number is used to track your order, a PO number can be a computer generated number or a name based on your business practices. A PO is considered a legal binding document telling Metaltech what you want, when you want it, and what price you are expecting to pay for the product. PO’s are often accompanied by “Terms and Agreements” or “Terms and Conditions.”

2). Part Number

The Part Number is used to identify the part you wish to purchase. Typically, the drawing number will match the part number.

3). Revision

The Revision or (REV) number is noted on the drawing and should be on the PO to assure Metaltech that we are building the correct revision of your part. When parts are designed, they are typically assigned a revision number or letter. When the design of a part is modified and the drawing is updated, the revision should be changed. For example, going from 1 to 2, or from A to B.   When Metaltech receives PO’s, we will compare the Revision on the PO to the most current revision we have on file (to make sure they match). Note: Metaltech recognizes that it is sometimes necessary for you to order older revisions (particularly for service parts).

4). Price

The Price is the price that you expect to pay for the parts or products being purchased (based on your quoted price received).

5). Quantity

The Quantity is the number of parts to be produced and shipped. Whenever appropriate, it is quite common for customers to have different line items for the same part number but with different delivery dates and quantities. These are commonly referred to as: “Trigger Releases,” “Blanket PO’s,” “Kan-Ban Releases,” etc.  advertise-766823_1280

This process is used to allow Metaltech to manufacture parts in larger lot sizes in order to take advantage of economy of scale. This allows customers to take advantage of lower prices due to the higher volume of parts being ordered.

6). Delivery Method or Pick-up Instructions

Delivery Method or Pick-up Instructions let Metaltech know the freight company or shipping method customers prefer for the shipment of their parts.




7). Ordered Date

The Ordered Date is typically the date the purchase order was issued and sent to Metaltech.

8). Required Date / Promised Date / Due Date

The Required Date / Promised Date / Due Date is the date customers expect their parts to be received into their facility.

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