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Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Our wide range of metal fabrication capabilities and services means we can complete smaller projects simultaneously alongside large scale production jobs. Whether you need multiple processes to produce your component parts or only one of our services, we listen to your needs and scale the work we do so you’re never just the next customer on a waiting list.

We can produce your products from start to finish, or we can augment your existing resources to help you complete the manufacturing process. Our customized processes and development will ensure that you receive the highest quality metal products in the most efficient time frame possible.

Our Services

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Custom Design

Metaltech can take your idea from concept to a fully manufacturable design. We’ll work with you to develop your idea or product and draft a workable blueprint or 3-D model. In addition to the initial design process, we can create prototypes of your product to test and improve it at your request.

Cutting Operations

From laser cutting to our punch presses, we’ve got what it takes to cut out and shape your custom metal parts. Whether your product is made from aluminum or titanium or anything in between, one of our metal cutting services will fit your needs. In addition to laser cutting and punch presses, Metaltech also offers automated sawing for structural materials.

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metal worked orienting metal forming machine


Once your flat material has been cut to size, we bend and fold it into the correct shape using our state-of-the-art press brakes. Metaltech brings your blueprint to life utilizing the best metal forming tools and methods out there. Our four press brakes are fast, efficient, and accurate for any and all custom or repeat projects our customers have.

CNC & Manual Machining

Through precision manual or computer controlled (CNC) machining centers, we cut and carve your parts into their final shape from a variety of materials. Whether we need to cut shallow surfaces or deep pocket cavities, our machinists are well versed in working with a diverse range of materials and processes.

CNC and Manual Machining
AWS certified robotic and resistance spot welding in use

AWS Certified Welding

At Metaltech, we offer American Welding Society certified MIG, TIG, robotic and resistance spot welding. With a variety of methods, we can produce precise welds on tubing, vehicle components, frames and more.

Powder Coating

Need an environmentally friendly, protective finish for your fabricated parts? We’ve got it covered. Powder coating protects from corrosion and improves the aesthetic of your product. We’ve got it covered. We can apply a durable and attractive powder coating to almost any size part.

two men dressed in protective gear powder coating metal part
metal pieces stacked and wrapped in plastic wrap


At Metaltech, we mean it when we say that we’re there for you through every step of the process. We assemble component parts before they arrive at your facility or your customer’s door. All you have to do is the final install.

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