Advanced Design Transforms Ideas into Quality Custom Metal Components

Design engineer working at his widescreen computer to make high quality and custom metal components.

Sheet metal has a wide range of applications across multiple industries. It can be cut, formed, welded and assembled into large and small components in a myriad of shapes using complex designs.  Every fabrication project requires a solid understanding of good design principles. Material characteristics, fabrication equipment, manufacturing characteristics, and cost effectiveness are all key […]

CNC & Manual Machining Transform Designs into Customized Metal Parts

Metal machine tools industry. CNC turning machine high-speed cutting is operation.flying sparks of metalworking

Metal machining is the process of shaping metal alloys into customized parts using specialized milling and turning machines. The two primary methods are computer numerical controlled (CNC) and manual machining.  Metaltech uses CNC and manual machining to produce close-toleranced components of all sizes for a range of industries. Our technicians transform sheet metal or billet […]

Backup Power Systems Keep Businesses Humming During an Outage

Two stationary high power gas electric generators in boiler house

From natural disasters to economic ups and downs, there are many external challenges every business must be prepared to navigate.  Power interruptions are one of those threats. Most offices and other commercial buildings have larger and more complex backup power needs than residential homes. Backup generators, for instance, must be capable of powering more and […]

Metaltech Adds New Fiber Laser: 3 Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting

The Trumpf TruLaser 5030 fiber laser sits at Metaltech in Lebanon, MO.

As technology evolves, our means of metal fabrication evolve, too. Laser cutting is an efficient way to burn away metal and produce continuous, precise cuts. CO2 lasers are the tried-and-true standard, but industrial fiber lasers have grown in popularity over the past few decades. Their fast processing speeds and lower power consumption make them a […]

Three Generations of Racing

A racecar with the Metaltech logo takes a victory lap

We are proud to be flashing the Metaltech logo on J.C.’s car as he continues to scream by the checkered flag each week. Metaltech has been and continues to be a great sponsor in all my families racing endeavors.