high quality part made using robotic welder

ROBOTIC WELDING = Quality, Consistency & Cost Savings

By adding robotic welding capabilities, Metaltech has cut our weld time down by 50% or more on multiple jobs!

Manufacturing as a whole faces new issues each and every day.  In the last few years, Metaltech Products, Inc. has seen an increase in demand for higher quality.  In the past, our customers have been willing to pay for higher quality and have even sacrificed lead time in order to get higher quality parts. However, quality is now becoming an expected trait and most customers are not willing to sacrifice price, or lead time, or delivery.

Our industry has had to find a way to make higher quality parts – faster and cheaper than ever; even though wages and the cost of business is continually increasing.

One way Metaltech has accomplished this is by adding new technologies to our plant.  One of the largest increases in productivity and quality has been the addition of our robotic welders.

Metaltech has been robot welding since 2007 (with a Genesis robotic welding cell):

In 2015, Metaltech increased our robot welding capacity by adding an ABB Flex Arc welding cell:

By adding robotic welding capabilities, Metaltech has cut our weld time down by 50% or more on multiple jobs! In addition, the robot is capable of producing high quality parts on a very consistent basis. 


Metaltech has built these particular parts since 2004, and since then we have built thousands of them without many issues. Over the course of time, however, our customer has increased their quality expectation. 

Since this part is a “high visibility part,” the customer has tightened-up their expectation of appearance. This was one of the first parts Metaltech placed on our ABB robot earlier this year.




Metaltech has been welding these parts since 2011.  We have had several parts that had to be re-worked due to welds being placed where welds should not belong.  Robotic welding has resolved this issue and we have had zero issues since.


The aforementioned examples of parts are just two of many products Metaltech has robot welded over the past eight years.  We believe that staying up to date with the most current technologies gives us a clear advantage over other competitors.  In fact, our Mission Statement states: “Our mission is to support our customers in their goals, utilizing the best people, processes, and technology, focused on continuous improvement in everything we do.” We truly stand strong with our mission statement and it drives everything we do.

Thank you for taking time to read this article. If there is anything Metaltech can do to help support your company’s goals, we would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Matt Stief
Product Development Manager
Metaltech Products, Inc.

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