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4 Reasons to Choose Your Local Metal Fabrication Shop

Are you contracting out a custom metal fabrication shop? 

Look for a company with experienced professionals, ISO certification and a reputation for excellence. You’ll be spending your budget on building custom components, so you need a reliable company that will get the job done and treat you like part of the team. 

You’ll discover that your options are endless when researching metal fabrication shops. You can work with companies across the street or the pond. While every business should choose the best fit for their team and project, local fab shops offer a unique customer experience for those within their area.

Local steel fabricators, like Metaltech in Lebanon, MO, provide personalized customer service. Choosing a local team helps reduce expenses and boost your city’s economy.

Are you in Missouri or the Midwest? Before you pick a company, find out more about working with a local sheet metal fabricator.

1. Get Personalized Service

Why look elsewhere when you have experienced professionals in your city? Local metal fabrication shops, as opposed to national or international companies with numerous locations, offer what every customer wants—personal service.

Proximity Makes for Quick Collaboration

One word: Convenience. When you work with fab shops in your area, you are nearby and can collaborate with the team in person. You can take an active role in the design and fabrication process, addressing details, tolerances, and challenges face-to-face to avoid communication mishaps.

When your home base is a quick drive across town, you can brainstorm in the same room if a project requires complex planning. Engineers and fabricators will guide you in choosing materials and be able to show you past work in person. You’ll also be able to drop by if you want to check on your project.

Serving Customers Outside the Region

What if you don’t live in the same area? 

Some plans might be executed better in person, but you don’t have to live close to work with a fabricator and receive top-tier service. If you don’t live in the area, local metal fabrication shops work above and beyond to include you in the process.

Whether your company shares a city or is on a different continent, family-owned metal fabricators go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. 

2. Save on Shipping Costs

Shipping can get expensive. Working with a custom fabrication shop near you cuts down on shipping costs. Depending on the location of your business or warehouse, shipping from a local fabrication shop is minimal or free. 

A local company also provides peace of mind. Parts won’t spend weeks or months in transit. You won’t be left waiting for part deliveries and hoping the transportation runs smoothly. When your business is close, you know where your parts are and when they are coming your way. 

3. Choose Company Delivery

Many local fab shops offer delivery services to their customers. Metaltech provides regional delivery to customers within 300 miles of Lebanon, MO. 

As a local customer, you’ll get parts delivered by a green and white Metaltech truck and someone from our team. You won’t have to wait long for part deliveries, and you can have us drop by if you have concerns or questions. We’ll call you to say we’re on the way. 

Metaltech uses LTL and drop shipping to deliver parts to customers outside the region. After assembly, we’ll ship your components to you! 

4. Support Your Local Economy 

Where you spend your budget has significance. Choose to impact the area that means the most to you—your city or region. 

Partnering with your area’s custom fabrication shop gives back to the surrounding community. Purchases you make from a local business benefit your area. You keep money in the local economy and support jobs in your city. 

Choosing a local fab shop for your project helps area businesses grow. When companies grow, they hire more talent. Those individuals spend money locally, boosting the economy. Your choice to partner with a local business helps pay your friends and neighbors, supporting their livelihoods and passions while allowing them to put food on the table.

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