Employee at Metaltech welds on the shop floor.

Working As a Welder: Hear Firsthand from Welding Professionals

What do you see when you picture your job? Imagine sitting in an office for hours on end. Does it make you squirm? Imagine working with your hands to create something every time you clock in. Is this image more satisfying? 

If you answered yes, welding might be the perfect fit for you. 

Custom welding is a skill that will always be in demand. We need professionals to fill welder fabricator jobs and produce products people use every day. If you’re looking for something new, a welding career may be your ticket to making a good living at a job that satisfies you.

We asked our welders what they liked most about working as a welder. Whether you’re already in the field or searching for a career out of high school, see what real welders say about their jobs. 

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Is Welding a Boring Job? No Way! 

Welding offers employees variety in their day-to-day tasks. Every day is unique because you work on various projects. You’ll help produce components for all kinds of products, from cars and household appliances to batteries and furniture.

Each new project is a challenge that requires you to strategize. You determine the best way to perform the weld based on the component’s materials and the type of weld that must be achieved. 

When asked about his favorite part of welding fabrication work, experienced welder Zack H. speaks to the lack of monotony.

Zack enjoys “being able to do a different job each day.” As a testament to Zack’s authority on the matter, he has been with Metaltech for 14 and a half years. And he hasn’t gotten bored yet! 

TIG welder Katelyn C. agrees. “It’s always something different,” she says, reflecting on her nine months at Metaltech. 

Do Welding Careers Provide Growth Opportunities?

Welding is a challenging career that is easy to get started in. In many cases, recent graduates can make money and learn the trade right out of high school. One of the best things about working in a fabrication shop is the opportunity to learn new skills and cross-train. 

You’ll learn more about the craft and gain experience when you work with other welders. The diversity of projects that come through the shop door helps you develop technical mastery. After all, practice makes perfect.

Katelyn says, “The other employees are willing to help and teach me new skill sets. I’m also exposed to a variety of tasks that make me a better welder.”

Outside of welding, you may learn how to operate other machines and adopt new skills as you pitch in across the floor. 

“I am a returning employee,” says Andrew T. “I started as a finish grinder, and Metaltech gave me the opportunity to learn to weld. They have given me skills for life.” 

Once you have developed these skills, you can work anywhere. Welders can be selective about who they work for because they are in demand. You can travel with a welding career since your skills are needed everywhere. 

There are welding jobs available across the world. However, working as a local welder has many perks, too! Companies offer competitive benefits, like medical insurance and retirement plans, to attract talent. With its excellent benefits, a welding job can support you and your family. 

Is Welding Fabrication Work Satisfying?

Some jobs leave you wondering what your purpose is. Others only let you participate in one piece of the puzzle. You never see the outcome. 

The opposite is true of welding. As a welder, you add your touch to the product, but you also get to see the entire process from design to assembly. 

For Andrew, the best part of working as a welder is “seeing things come together from the start.” It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of the job!

Welders clock out of every shift knowing they helped create something tangible. The products they weld together will be used to farm, construct buildings and travel. 

Making something beautiful or functional out of a few pieces of metal never gets old! Welding calls for both technical skill and creativity. As you grow in your craft, you’ll be proud of your capabilities and the components you produce. 

“There is a lot of experience and knowledge on the shop floor [at Metaltech],” says MIG welder Nicholas S. “I try to soak in all I can. I am inspired by some of the creative fixtures people have come up with.”

“One of the things I am most thankful for is learning to finish grind,” he continues. “I think this has added a level of quality to my work that wasn’t there before.” 

Nicolas has worked at Metaltech for three and a half years. 

Why Should You Work for Metaltech? 

We know just the place to start or continue your welding career. 

Join Metaltech! We hire for welder fabricator jobs in Lebanon, MO. You’ll become a part of a great team and get excellent benefits. 

Working for a local fabrication shop doesn’t mean you won’t work on big projects. Our customers are located across the country. We work with a diverse group of companies in a variety of industries. 

Why Do Our Welders Enjoy Working Here? 

We offer a work-life balance with paid vacation days, holidays and three- or four-day work weeks, depending on the shift. You’ll get three or more days to relax, spend time with your family, and do whatever you want. When you’re on the clock, you’ll be in a supportive environment with a team that works together and wants to help you succeed.

“You are given everything you need to do a good job, and co-workers are always happy to help each other,” says Andrew. 

Nicholas agrees, “The people are friendly, and I think there is an overall enthusiasm that makes it enjoyable.”

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