7 Benefits of Stainless Steel for Custom Metal Fabrication

Stainless steel bars sit stacked in a custom metal fabrication shop.

What do a refrigerator door and a high-rise have in common? Material. They may both be stainless steel.  Stainless steel fabricators produce components for cookware, home appliances, surgical tools, medical implants, bridges, and automotive bodies. Many of our most memorable landmarks are also made of stainless steel—take the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, The Bean […]

Powder Coating 101: How Does It Work?

Two people powder coating parts in the booth.

Powder coating is often the last step in manufacturing processes. It gives the final part or product a color, texture or protective layer. Many component parts and end products have a custom powder-coated finish. Appliances, furniture, tools, wheelchairs, car parts and fencing are a few examples. Powder coating spans industries because of its ability to […]

A Guide to Laser Cutting & Its Advantages

Laser cut materials lay on a table

Cutting is essential to the metal fabrication process. It’s the first step in any project that’s ready to start production. Depending on what you need to accomplish, cutting components could be achieved by a punch press or automated saw. However, laser cutting machines can do the job efficiently and accurately when you need a precise […]

All About LED Lights in an Industrial Setting

A colorful abstract image representing LED lighting

LED lighting is so efficient compared to the more common forms of lighting and it lends itself to so many applications that it is leaving older and more traditional forms of lighting in the dark.

Three Generations of Racing

A racecar with the Metaltech logo takes a victory lap

We are proud to be flashing the Metaltech logo on J.C.’s car as he continues to scream by the checkered flag each week. Metaltech has been and continues to be a great sponsor in all my families racing endeavors.

Would You Like Fries With That?

A hamburger and french fries in a basket

“How do metal manufactures add EXTRA VALUE to the equation as well?” I’ll tell you how Metaltech Products, Inc. does it.

Sales Order Terminology…

Metaltech Products Inc. entrance sign

A purchase order number is used to track your order; a PO number can be a computer generated number, or a name based on your business practices.