What Are the Most Popular Metals in Manufacturing Today?

Welder erecting technical steel. Industrial steel welder in factory technical

From everyday household items to the machines that run our factories, metal plays an essential role in our society and our economy.  Since 1998, Metaltech has provided ready-to-install metal components for a wide range of industries. Our team has the experience and know-how to create large and small customized parts for numerous products.  The best […]

Automation Brings Efficiency & Safety to Metal Fabrication

Unrecognizable person using remote controller in metal factory, command automatic welding robot in metal manufacturing factory.

Automation. Robotics. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. These are some of the buzzwords we’ve gotten used to hearing in connection with new digital technologies. For industrial manufacturers, automation represents a tremendous opportunity to boost efficiencies and product quality.  The industrial automation market is projected to reach $115 billion by 2025. Based on its 2022 Global Industrial […]

Backup Power Systems Keep Businesses Humming During an Outage

Two stationary high power gas electric generators in boiler house

From natural disasters to economic ups and downs, there are many external challenges every business must be prepared to navigate.  Power interruptions are one of those threats. Most offices and other commercial buildings have larger and more complex backup power needs than residential homes. Backup generators, for instance, must be capable of powering more and […]

Custom Metal Fabrication Adds Value Across Multiple Industries

Worker using welding torch to cut metal sheet in workshop.

From the paper clips on your desk to the components of the car you drive, a wide range of goods both large and small rely on fabricated metal. End products containing fabricated metal parts include machinery, computers, electronics and furniture.  Metal fabrication is a type of manufacturing process in which metal parts are shaped into […]

Strength & Versatility Drive Demand for Titanium Components

Titanium on the periodic table, a strong and versatile metal used to make metal components.

From the vehicles that keep us moving to the essential products we count on, titanium enhances our lives every day. Stronger than aluminum and lighter than steel, this unique metal has a high melting point and natural corrosion resistance. These advantages have bolstered demand for titanium components in aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries. The […]

Innovation Drives Metal Fabrication for Heavy Equipment Industries

Heavy equipment parked and ready for use because of the metal manufacturing and metal fabrication industry.

From the construction projects that support our communities to agricultural operations that feed the world, the heavy equipment industry is a critical player in today’s global economy. Heavy equipment includes the machines used for large-scale construction of commercial buildings, roads, bridges and dams. They are also used for digging tunnels, installing pipelines and mining operations. […]