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Factors Driving Metal Fabrication Services in 2024

Demand for metal fabrication services will continue growing at a healthy clip in 2024, according to industry analysts.

Global revenue reached an estimated $21.8 billion in 2023 and was projected to climb to $27.4 billion by 2030. 

Factors driving growth include investments in automation and robotics, as well as demand for lightweight, sustainable products. 

At Metaltech, we continue to provide quality, customized metal components for a wide range of industries. Our services include detailed design, cutting, bending, welding. We also provide high quality powder coating and assembly.

Here’s an overview of the trends we’re watching as the year unfolds.

#1: Automation

Automation uses digital platforms to optimize workflows, boost quality standards and lower production costs for metal products. 

When operators input product specifications beforehand, benefits include fewer errors, shorter production times and tighter consistency. 

A streamlined, predictable process means operators know exactly how long it’ll take to sort, move and process individual parts. 

In addition, automated machines are simpler to operate, which reduces operator fatigue and improves safety. 

#2: Integrated Data

Big data analytics facilitate smarter decision-making throughout the manufacturing process.

Legacy systems involved separate, non-standardized data entry across departments. Today’s integrated systems help to shorten turnaround times, improve coordination and reduce errors. 

Advanced software systems improve information management in a variety of ways: 

  • Production control
  • Programming
  • Internet of Things platforms
  • Machine tracking
  • Streamlined order processing
  • Shorter production lead times

#3: Customization & Creativity

Evolving consumer demand requires more customized products to be manufactured at scale. Metal fabricators must have the flexibility, ingenuity and creativity to adapt their processes to meet a variety of needs with greater precision. 

Operators also need the knowledge, experience and insight to select the right tools for individual jobs. Cutting, bending and welding techniques must be adapted to meet ever-tighter customer specifications. 

#4: Efficiency & Sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing has the potential to control production costs and help the environment. 

More efficient machines allow fabricators to produce more parts in less time, all while reducing energy consumption. 

Companies across the industry are adapting their operations to reduce the amount of waste left over by the manufacturing process. Eco-friendly materials and sourcing methods are also in high demand. 

#5: Advanced Alloys & Other Materials

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to advanced alloys designed for specific properties required for different use applications. Characteristics in high demand include strength, corrosion resistance, durability, efficiency and structural integrity. 

The automotive, aerospace and electronics industries require lightweight materials like titanium and aluminum to improve speed, durability and energy efficiency. 

Copper enjoys a growing range of uses in many industries including aerospace, construction and electronics. Valuable properties include electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. It is also antibacterial which makes it appropriate for food contact surfaces. Demand for copper is expected to grow by about 3.2% by 2030. 

#6: Demand for Talent

Metal fabrication jobs in high demand include welding and CNC machining.

Fabricator training has evolved to include mastery of today’s automated machines and integrated data systems. Even seasoned professionals benefit from continuous improvement in cutting, bending and welding techniques. 

Invest in Quality Custom Metal Components

At Metaltech, our fabricators create large and small metal parts for a range of products. We work closely with customers to develop detailed designs, followed by expert cutting, bending, machining, welding, powder coating and assembly.

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