Working As a Welder: Hear Firsthand from Welding Professionals

Employee at Metaltech welds on the shop floor.

What do you see when you picture your job? Imagine sitting in an office for hours on end. Does it make you squirm? Imagine working with your hands to create something every time you clock in. Is this image more satisfying?  If you answered yes, welding might be the perfect fit for you.  Custom welding […]

How to Become a Machine Operator for a Metal Fabricator

A machine operator uses a press brake to manipulate metal.

Are you looking for a new career? If you’ve been researching metal fabricator jobs, you may have seen or heard about machine operator positions. Machine operators are essential to manufacturing. They use heavy machinery with advanced technology to complete tasks that have been automated or cannot be performed by a human alone.  At a metal […]

5 Reasons to Consider A Career in Metal Fabrication

Employee at Metaltech welds on the shop floor.

Can’t see yourself sitting at a desk checking email all day? Do you have a natural aptitude for mechanics and like knowing how things work or putting things together? Do you want a career where you can be creative, work with your hands, and collaborate on various projects? If this sounds like you, a metal […]

Is a Welding Career Right for You

man wearing face shield and welding

A welding career is a great choice for many people. The welding process is used throughout the manufacturing and maintenance industries, giving anyone from those just entering the workforce to long-time workers in the field an opportunity to find a great fit.