A Guide to Steel & Aluminum Sheet Metal Grades

Stainless steel metal sheets deposited in stacks.

If you work with metal, you are probably well aware that each type of metal comes in multiple grades that refer to its composition. Bar stock and sheet metals are assigned a set of identifying digits. These numbers reveal the metal’s alloying elements and family.   Two projects may call for carbon steel, but one uses […]

Welding with Robots: Capabilities & Benefits of Robotic Welding

Robotic welding in action at Metaltech.

In 1962, General Motors was the first to add a welding robot to a production line. Though robotic welding came on the scene in the mid-twentieth century, it didn’t take off until the 1980s as more and more automotive manufacturers started using the technology for vehicle bodywork.   Today, manufacturers across industries employ welding robots to […]

5 Reasons to Consider A Career in Metal Fabrication

Employee at Metaltech welds on the shop floor.

Can’t see yourself sitting at a desk checking email all day? Do you have a natural aptitude for mechanics and like knowing how things work or putting things together? Do you want a career where you can be creative, work with your hands, and collaborate on various projects? If this sounds like you, a metal […]

Properties of Metals: Choosing A Type of Metal for Fabrication

Finished fabricated metal components.

The material chosen for a fabrication project affects if it will function as expected. Every metal has properties that determine how it can be processed. Selecting the right metal ensures that component parts can handle their environment and end use. Other factors like finishing processes, the size of the product and the project’s estimated cost […]

Metaltech Adds New Fiber Laser: 3 Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting

The Trumpf TruLaser 5030 fiber laser sits at Metaltech in Lebanon, MO.

As technology evolves, our means of metal fabrication evolve, too. Laser cutting is an efficient way to burn away metal and produce continuous, precise cuts. CO2 lasers are the tried-and-true standard, but industrial fiber lasers have grown in popularity over the past few decades. Their fast processing speeds and lower power consumption make them a […]

How to Obtain An Accurate Fabrication Quote

View of Metaltech's shop floor in Lebanon, MO.

Before you begin a custom metal fabrication project, you need to know how much the order will cost. You’ll need an estimate on the materials and labor. An accurate fabrication quote can be hard to obtain on a five-minute phone call or quick email, especially if you don’t have all the details of your project […]

The Metal Fabrication Process: Steps for Your Next Project

Technician works on project.

Metals are manipulated to create components we rely on every day. Different processes transform billets and sheets of metal into their desired shapes. Our cars, laptops, cell phones, and kitchen appliances exist because of the metal fabrication process.  Metal fabrication encompasses every step needed to create a final component part or product. Before you start […]